One of the biggest concerns for our water-based resources in the future is the sustainability of the current and even future water resource allocation. As water becomes more scarce, the importance of how it is managed grows vastly. Finding a balance between what is needed by humans and what is needed in the environment is an important step in the sustainability of water resources.

Attempts to create sustainable fresh water systems have been seen on a national level in countries such as Australia, and such commitment to the environment is setting  a model for the rest of the world.

The field of water resources management will continue to adapt to the current and future issues facing the allocation of water. With the growing uncertainties of global climate change and the long-term impacts of management actions, the decision-making becomes more difficult. It is likely that ongoing climate change will lead to situations that have not been encountered. As a result, new management strategies are being implemented to avoid setbacks in the allocation of water resources. These are important and positive steps to water allocation.

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