The skin cell gun, also known as the skin gun or SkinGun, is a medical device that sprays a patient‘s own self-donated (autologousstem cells to treat burns and other wounds. The skin gun is used in conjunction with a technique that isolates adult stem cells from a postage stamp-sized sample of the patient’s own skin for application to the wound site, where they differentiate into normal skin. This treatment can replace conventional methods of treating severe wounds, such as skin grafting. Studies demonstrate that damaged skin tissue regenerates after skin gun treatment significantly more quickly than after traditional treatment methods.

The skin gun, along with related cell isolation methodologies, were acquired by RenovaCare, Inc. in 2013. The company continues to develop the technology and treatment protocol for commercial distribution, under the brand names SkinGun and CellMist System respectively. RenovaCare is also exploring opportunities to apply its SkinGun treatments to additional indications, including chronic wounds, pigmentation disorders, and cosmetic applications.

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